Autism? – Autisme?

Is there a possible link with wireless radiation and EMF ?

Existe-t-il un lien possible avec le rayonnement sans fil et les champs électromagnétiques?

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The Silent Autism Carriers – autism info

DNA and radiation?
When men and women put their cell phones in their front pockets, men’s reproductive DNA is getting 16 times more genotoxic radiation. Cell phones do not cause autism, but they could cause poor sperm quality.  The way men carry cell phones is causing a high rate of fragmentation in their reproductive DNA.

“There are a number of autism causes: pollution, drugs, genetic constraints, and occasionally immunizations. But new research shows fathers are passing 80% of mutations leading to autism. An environmental toxin no one is talking about affecting men’s reproductive DNA was introduced circa 1995.

The Silent Autism Carriers

Fathers are four times more likely than mothers to transmit DNA glitches leading to autism in offspring (U.S. Department of Health).

Fathers are passing 80% of mutations leading to autism. (Sanders et al 2012). Fathers contribute DNA to make a baby before an immunization is ever given to the baby.”



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But what if we have damaged our girls’ reproductive DNA while they were in the womb by being exposed continually to electrosmog?



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Clear Light Ventures is a social venture founded by Peter Sullivan in 2007.  The company’s mission is to improve human health and performance by removing widespread environmental health threats.  Past projects have focused on toxic metals screening and supporting mercury policy in the United States and internationally.   Current projects are focusing on EMF – electromagnetic field safety and awareness and environmental factors in autism.: